Our societies face social inequalities, unfair and unstable situations and a more and more threatened planet. To reach social justice and equality is a moral objective and, at the same time, practical. At the same time, to fight climate change entails facing up to poverty and social inequality. 

We want, with the help of the European Union, to assume it in relation to our project: Sustainable Future, Responsible Future (Avenir Durable, Avenir Solidaire, in French).

Our project is comprised of 5 countries of Europe: France in the West, Spain and Greece in the South, Belgium in the Nord and Romania in the South-East.

The main objective is to allow teachers and students of 5 European countries to collaborate in relation to education and sustainable education in its 4 dimensions: social inclusion, sustainable development, economic growth and social security. In the same way, the social, pedagogic and cultural objectives of the project are primary goals in the European education policy: social inclusion, sustainable investment and the acquisition of aptitudes and competences.

After years of political and educational debates in relation to sustainable development, 2015 marks a turning point due to COP21 (the United Nations Climate Change Conference of Paris). The wish was to implement pedagogic projects in relation to sustainable development, with the aim of achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Our project is a challenge and a different way to understand the school… Environment, intercultural learning, gender equality and civics are our priorities and you are the main character. New technologies become very useful in our project.

 Tú eres el protagonista. Te animas a participar ??? 🙂